The International Campaign to Save Gaza

The International Campaign to Save Gaza is mobilizing in response to the urgent distress calls from the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, who find themselves in the throes of an unrelenting genocidal war waged by the Israeli occupation. The toll of this war has been devastating, with nearly 12,000 martyrs, including 5,000 children and over 2,000 women. Moreover, more than a quarter-million residential units have been destroyed, displacing over a million residents in northern Gaza. Critical life infrastructure for the people of the region has been obliterated. Compounding the tragedy is the unwavering support for the occupying state from numerous Western countries, coupled with a steadfast refusal to entertain the notion of a ceasefire.


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You can participate in supporting the international campaign to save Gaza through the following methods

 Fill out the form designated for supporting personalities and organisations
• Share campaign news and follow our social media platforms
• Donate to our charity partner account to help in purchasing humanitarian relief materials
• Organize a fundraising event for the campaign.
• Donations can be sent directly to our charitable partner (Medics Worldwide), which is a Turkish charitable organization officially registered with the Turkish official authorities under the name (ULUSLARARASI TIBBİ YARDIM DERNEĞİ- International Medical Relief Society). This charity has previously cooperated with the Freedom Flotilla Coalition in implementing relief projects for Gaza. This charity cooperates with the field team of the Miles of Smiles Foundation, which facilitates the receipt of aid and its entry into Gaza through the Rafah border crossing.
Below are the details of the bank account of the (Medics Worldwide) – ULUSLARARASI TIBBİ

TL ACC-₺ TR230001500158007324134005
EURO ACC-€ TR530001500158048023612200
DOLAR ACC-$ TR370001500158048023612197
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